section 8 program

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

Fremont Housing Agency issues 164 vouchers to families (program participants) who qualify under HUD income guidelines and housing Agency tenant screening criteria. Eligible participants for the voucher program work directly with landlords in the jurisdiction of the housing Agency to select the type of housing (apartment, duplex, single family homes) that best fits their need.

When the voucher program participant has found suitable housing, which passes a Housing Quality Standards inspection, and the Contract Rent meets the requirements of Rent Reasonableness and HUD Payment Standards set for the Housing Agency, then the family is given approval to sign the lease with the landlord.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development provides funding to the housing Agency to distribute Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) directly to the landlord on behalf of the participant. The participant is also responsible for a portion of the contract rent based on their income. This is called the TTP or Total Tenant Payment. The housing Agency has a $50.00 minimum rent policy for the participant. Utility Allowances are also calculated into the rent formula to assist participants with utilities. The HAP and TTP equal the contract rent on the housing unit.

The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program gives preference to families living and working within the Fremont Housing Agency area of jurisdiction.

How to Apply

Fremont Housing Agency programs are designed to assist low to moderate income singles, elderly, persons with handicap or disability, and families with immediate and long term housing needs. Moderate to Median Income individuals and families will also be accommodated when targeting requirements are met.

Step 1

To be considered for housing, you must submit a completed application. The application must identify which building/development you are interested in, your current address, your family composition and other basic information about you. To receive an application via email, please contact us here.

Step 2

Send completed application to the Fremont Housing Agency. The Housing Programs Department will process your application, determine your eligibility based on the information provided, assign the date and time of your application, and place your application on the waiting list according to apartment availability.

Steps 3 – 4

The Fremont Housing Agency will notify you by mail when your application reaches the top of the selected program wait list. Your notification letter will also invite you to attend an in-person interview at your selected site. During this interview you will be provided additional information on housing options available to you.