Independent Retirement Living

Stanton Tower

Stanton Tower is designated strictly elderly, 62 years and older. Handicap Accessible Units are also available.

FHA does not discriminate on the basis of race/color, sex, national origin, religion, marital status, disability, familial status or LGBT. Occupancy standards dictate the number of persons allowed per 1 bedroom apartment. In times of high vacancy rates, eligible small families of 2 may occupy a 1 bedroom unit. In order to qualify financially, an applicant’s gross yearly income cannot exceed HUD Income Limits. Please contact us if you have any questions.


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Property Details

Gifford and Stanton Towers comprise a total of 249 apartments. These buildings are well maintained and attractive. The modern and clean apartments are furnished with stoves, refrigerators, air conditioning, and heating. One check pays the rent and includes all utilities and maintenance. Telephone and cable TV are not included.

Community Room

Each building has a Community Room for your use. These are large meeting rooms with TV/VCR, soda and snack machines, pool table, piano, tables, chairs, sofas, etc. There are kitchen facilities for serving a meal in Gifford Tower and a Coffee Bar area for refreshments in Stanton Tower. Tenants use these rooms for family reunions, dinners, birthday parties, etc. by reservation with Management.


Stanton Tower has its own coin-operated laundry facilities.

Social Activities

Bingo, Bible study, cards, potluck dinners, meetings, holiday and soup dinners, occasional special entertainment.


All yard work, snow removal, and repair is handled by management. We have excellent maintenance staff and are proud to provide you with maintenance-free living. Work orders are reported to the management office. If we can’t handle the problem, we will contact someone who can.


FHA affordable housing is for anyone who meets the selection criteria, lives independently, and is income eligible. There are handicapped accessible units available. All income and expenses are third party verified for accuracy (employment, social security, interest from assets, pensions, VA benefits, etc.).

Medical expense includes hospital/doctor visits, prescription drugs, eye glasses, hearing aids, and a primary or supplemental health insurance policy.

Remember, one monthly payment includes rent, heat, lights, and maintenance, plus the availability of activities and the enjoyment of others your age.

Rents are reviewed annually, unless interim reviews are requested.

Congregate Dining Service

Congregate Dining Service is available for a delicious noon meal at a very low cost.

Resident Support Serivces

A Resident Support Services Coordinator is provided via a federal grant. Handicapped Accessible units are available for persons needing these features.

Other Items to Consider

FHA is located close to a shopping mall, grocery, pharmacy, medical facilities, gas station, banks, and restaurants. The city transit bus makes daily stops. There is private assigned off-street parking, a community room space for family gatherings, and in-house dining facilities for a delicious noon luncheon.

Visitors are always welcome to take a look and fill out an application. You are under no obligation. You could be a part of our home community and still be independent, but be free of the maintenance problems of living in a house. And the rent is reasonable, based on HUD’s formula and your income.

We would be pleased to answer any questions that you might have and to show you what we currently have available. Please contact the Fremont Housing Agency. Thank you.

Somers Point I & II

Fremont Housing Agency is a managing member/owner of Somers Point I & II, 64 units, on North Somers Ave., financed by NIFA Tax Credits (LIHTC) and Nebraska Affordable Housing Trust Funds, which will serve eligible citizens 62 years and older who qualify according to the area median incomes established by NIFA. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Property Details

This very affordable senior living complex is located on West Somers Point Drive, just off North Somers Avenue, in Fremont, Nebraska.

Somers Point I consists of 32 two-bedroom living units completed in 2000.

Somers Point II consists of 32 two-bedroom living units completed in 2003.

A large clubhouse, located in the center of the complex, serves the social needs of both Somers Point I and II residents.

These two-bedroom units offer a full kitchen, bath (with tub and shower combinations), carpeted living room and bedrooms, modern appliances (dishwasher, garbage disposal, clothes washer/dryer, stove, refrigerator) and an attached garage. The units also have central heat and air conditioning. The Fremont Housing Agency is responsible for all maintenance of these units.

Handicapped Accessible Units are also available at this site.

Rent includes water, sewer, and garbage removal fees. Services provided include all groundskeeping of lawn care and snow removal. Interior and exterior maintenance are provided by the Fremont Housing Agency maintenance department. Tenants pay for their own electricity, cable TV, and telephone. Small rent increases are budgeted on an annual basis.

While electrical utilities are not included in the rent payment, the units are very efficient for utility-conscious persons.

Rental assistance may be available for persons or couples who qualify.

Rent for these units is set annually within tax credit guidelines. Contact us for the current income guidelines.


All units will be rented to individuals 62 years of age or older who meet the current income guidelines. Please contact us for more information.

The Application Waitlist is always open.

Things to consider

Low utility cost, no maintenance, dishwasher, garbage disposal, laundry (washer/dryer), attached garage, handicapped/disabled accessible apartments, rental assistance may be available.

We would be pleased to answer any questions that you might have and show you what we currently have available. Please contact the Fremont Housing Agency.